Retro DevOps

This site is a companion to my “Azure, DevOps and the Commodore 64” presentation. The goal heres is to show that there really aren’t any technical reasons not reap the benefits from adopting DevOps. To achieve this goal we build a fully functional DevOps pipleine using Azure DevOps and that icon of the 1980’s: the Commodore 64.

Session delivered at NDC Sydney 2019

Slides available here

Learn More

  1. Explore the Articles to see how this thing was put together
  2. Get hands on with the embedded C64 Emulator
  3. Relive the glory days of Bulletin Board Systems with the hosted terminal client
  4. Look through the code in the GitHub repos and build a 80’s tribute app or even create your own Azure DevOps Extensions.

About Me

My name is Todd Whitehead and I have been a developer, architect, scrum master and general nerd for over 25 years. I now work for Microsoft in Australia helping developers do awesome things in Azure. I am also a 80’s nerd who loves blending the power of modern tech with the simplicity and character rich 8-bit tech of the the 1980’s.

You can find me on Twitter @TodWhitehead and LinkedIn and I would love to hear from you if you found any of this useful and hopefully interesting.